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Our Network

We are a boutique firm operating with a valued network of referral sources

Our work is based on referrals, and our network includes many types of trusted advisors. These are people whose clients and acquaintances trust them enough to share with them details about their business issues. We strive to protect the trusted relationship between our referral sources and their contacts. In addition, we look for opportunities to recommend our network of professionals to our clients when their needs arise. We have included some examples of the manner in which we interact with our network.


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We work with many different types of lawyers including corporate, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and business law, bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, real estate, and litigation.

  • Business lawyers contact us when they have clients whose commercial interests require advice from knowledgeable and experienced consultants. Some legal problems are better resolved through a combination of legal and business advice, and sometimes the business input requires a hands-on approach.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers contact us when their clients need independent, objective, knowledgeable input from a third party professional to fill one of the roles in which we specialize.

In situations where a business is facing a dispute, one alternative is to seek r² advisors’ services as a way to provide a workable business solution from the perspective of a neutral, experienced, third party.






We work with accountants who provide consulting services, but limit their services to growth and internal systems. Our services typically compliment accounting firms’ when their clients require specialized advice from a restructuring professional or a professional to serve in an interim management role.

We do not provide attest services, therefore we have worked with auditors whose client’s businesses demonstrate negative trends.





We provide lenders with a resource when their borrowers are in or near default. We strive to be included as one of the candidates to provide turnaround advisory services when lenders deem it appropriate to condition forbearance on the retention of a Chief Restructuring Officer or a turnaround consultant.

We also provide advisory services to lenders who are at a strategic crossroad with respect to their borrowers. Often, we are able to provide a fresh perspective and to offer creative solutions to complex recovery situations.



Private Equity Investors

Private equity groups often encounter situations with their portfolio companies in which a consultant must be engaged in order to address and reverse negative trends. We have experience with and understand the demands of private equity ownership and are able to work with portfolio companies to identify solutions that will reverse negative trends and create shareholder value.

Due to the nature of our work, sometimes we are in a position to recommend private equity investment or acquisition as a potential solution to a special situation. Often, the response to our clients’ challenges include a combination of internal solutions coupled with additional capital to expedite the implementation of an internal restructuring. If the circumstances are right, we will propose private equity as a solution and will rely on our network for candidates.



Investment Bankers

We work with investment bankers whose clients or prospective clients have difficulty maximizing value in a proposed transaction. Often, the difference between marginal and maximum value is rooted in the quality of the business’s financial statements. We have the experience to assist in the financial and operational improvements that maximize transaction value.

In some cases, a business requires remedial input and a medium-term process in order to put itself into position to be sold. The r² advisors’ team has the experience to provide impactful assistance in order to prepare a business for a transaction.



Growth and Strategy Consultants

There are many types of business consultants, many of whom focus on growth and the fine tuning of internal processes. We work with these consultants when they face situations requiring more aggressive turnaround advice.

Because we are a boutique advisory firm, r² advisors endeavors to network with growth consultants and to look for situations in which their skills compliment ours. In these situations, we work with our clients to explain the benefits of obtaining appropriate subject matter advice.



Corporate Directors

Often, the members of corporate boards of directors will identify issues with the companies who they serve. Sometimes, these directors are charged with the responsibility to identify advisors to assist, whether it is as a fellow director or as an advisor to the executive team. We welcome those inquiries and are available to provide stand-by or more intensive services when challenges arise.

We also attempt to assist our clients identify suitable executives who have the skills necessary to assist others by serving on a corporate board.



Valuation Advisors

Business value is the key metric upon which we measure our success. Often, we find it helpful to utilize the services of qualified valuation experts to provide insight into value at various points in time as we perform our services.



Real Estate Professionals

We focus on operating businesses, so when real estate matters arise, we first determine whether our services will be of value. We can assist with restructuring balance sheets to fit current conditions, but frequently will refer real estate matters to qualified real estate intermediaries.

We have assisted with refinancing under-performing real estate projects. In these matters, we will work with real estate professionals to provide valuation and transaction services where a broker is required.



Graphic Designers

We have learned that having an impactful message can be lost in a poorly designed presentation. To that end, we have worked with boutique graphic designers who understand the challenges faced by us and our clients.

We work with these professionals to make sure that our message, and that of our clients, is delivered in a professional yet visually engaging fashion.



Marketing and Public Relations

Our clients frequently require marketing and public relations advice. We count on our network of professionals to provide expert advice when the need arises. We have had great success in using marketing strategies to inform our client’s constituents about enhancements to their business. On occasion, we use public relations professionals to react or get ahead of crisis situations.



Accounting System Integrators

We have worked with accounting system consultants and providers in order to identify and implement system changes and upgrades for our clients. With the ever greater importance on technology-based solutions, the need for qualified system integrators is increasing. We look for opportunities to provide better results for our clients by identifying alternatives that utilize technology-based, process-oriented solutions.



Hardware System Integrators

In some cases, our clients need to improve their system capabilities in order to implement effective, sustainable solutions. We rely on our network of qualified hardware integrators when this need arises.