Cycle For Survival – Spinning Back Against Rare Cancer

Posted by R2 LLC in Food For Thought 16 May 2014


In an ever growing movement, fitness buffs, cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones are spinning back against rare cancer. In teams of 4-8, cyclists are hopping on stationary bikes and raising impressive amounts of funds with an organization you should know about, Cycle For Survival.


In the United States more than half of everyone diagnosed with cancer have what is known as a ‘rare form’ of the disease. Cancer is designated as rare, when it affects less than 200,000 individuals, which makes it a particularly insidious problem. While rare cancer makes up around half of all cancer diagnoses, it remains woefully under researched and as a result treatment options are incredibly limited.


However, Cycle For Survival been at the forefront of the fight against rare form cancer. Founded in 2007 by David Linn and his wife Jennifer Goodman Linn following her 2004 diagnosis with a form of rare cancer called sarcoma, Cycle For Survival has grown to multiple cities across the United States and has raised over $51 million for rare cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Jennifer sadly lost her fight with cancer in 2011, but husband David and Cycle For Survival continue their battle in her memory. In just over seven years, Cycle For Survival events have grown to include more than 17,000 riders, raising $20 million dollars; every cent of which is passed on to the MSKCC.


View Cycle For Survival’s video below and for more information on this great cause head over to their website!


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